phoenix survival systems


Veteran owned and operated

Phoenix survival systems is designed for the operator who finds themselves in a worst-case situation. we are dedicated to providing multifaceted survival training to the professionals who rely on themselves and their crew. we focus on realistic and comprehensive scenarios derived from our years of experience in the field. we understand you face challenges at the highest level and that you deserve the best training to bring you home.



Areas of focus

Personnel and self-recovery

  • How to prepare yourself and/or additional crew to locate a safe, viable location.

land navigation

  • ability to locate where you are, where to go for rescue, and how to plan and navigate routes to recovery.

survival techniques

  • basic to advanced patterns of survival shelter building, food/water procurement, fire building, and ground to air signaling.

Practical Emergency First aid

  • Injury prioritization, minimal gear self-aid, basic life saving techniques (i.e. improvised splinting, combating environmental injuries, pathogen knowledge).

what to expect from the program

our program aims to give you the complete and wide-ranging techniques you will need in order to save your own life and the lives of others during times of distress and UNCERTAINTY.

our instructors will teach you comprehensive survival techniques for multiple worst-case scenarios. We offer classroom and real world, hands on, field training. We believe the best way to learn, is to do.

upon completion of this course, you will graduate with the techniques you will need to save yourself and others in times of discourse. you will have the knowledge you will need in order to overcome obstacles and survive.


who we cater to:

  • first responders

  • law enforcement agencies

  • fire rescues

  • state and local search and rescue

  • paramilitary organizations

Our team

Combined, our instructors have over 35 years experience in the field and training. Their qualifications and ACCREDITATION's include:

  • national emt registry

  • qualified high-risk instructor

  • certified rescue swimmer

  • advanced level sar

  • wilderness first responder

  • sere instructor

  • military sere level c

  • qualified global survival instructor

  • subject matter expert in personnel recovery


shawn decota

grayson young


20+ Years of experience in training and operations for the U.s. navy

Expansive range of duties and leadership opportunities during nine operational deployments in support of Commander Joint Special Operations Task Force (CJSOTF). Extensive background in Helicopter Sea Combat -- an accumulated 3,000+ flight hours in multiple airframes to include 900 direct combat flight hours and over 1,500 night vision goggle hours. Lead Petty Officer for real world and training operations of 50+ deployable personnel, providing Direct Action, Personnel Recovery, Combat Search and Rescue, Intelligence, and Surveillance and Reconnaissance. Selected as a Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE) Instructor to perform Advanced Instructor Training (AIT) -- high risk training of over 1,000 Junior Sailors, Marines, and Airmen to prepare them for duties during combat operations. Competent in restraints escape, desert survival, M-9 weapons handling, and implementation of search and rescue missions.


14+ years of experience in operational, training, and leadership positions

Extensive background in aviation, surface, overland / maritime search and rescue and personnel recovery.  Worked in conjunction with military, civil service and government agencies for both Operational and training exercises. Responsible for training and evaluating rescue swimmers for the U.S. Navy, Military Sea Lift Command and Foreign National coalition forces. Operational deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Global War on Terrorism, multiple shipboard detachments, as well as various training exercises directly associated with Special Operations Forces from all branches of services and coalition forces. Accumulated over 2,000 flight hours in multiple airframes.  This also includes over 1,000 night vision goggle hours. Has displayed a dedication and passion for SAR and training agencies of all backgrounds.